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From the intrinsic psychology.

Model 1
Climbing wall and Tirolina
Paintball with arches and arrows with paint
Gimkana Cohesional

Model 2
Bumper Balls and Kars pedal
Paintball with arches and arrows with paint
Scape Room


DISINHIBITION. Invites participants to look, think and grow in a different environment, enjoying activities and situations that provide them unique experiences.

REWARDS. Learning from experiences. A recreational component. Satisfaction.

SOCIALIZE. Encourage conversation, respect and trust as a way of communication, reciprocity, commitment and growth with the team.

INSPIRATION AND ANCHORAGE. Use of singular spaces in synchronization with the diverse content of the training program. The environment becomes a fixation of learning.

TRANSFER. Reflexion and transfer of apprenticeship to real life.

TO EASE. Team management. Personal development.

INVITE. Enjoy the unexpected, spontaneous.

INERTIA. Take advantage of the synergies and the inertia generated once the program comes to an end.

Why do we do it?:

  • To focus on the culture or system of a team / organization.
  • To focus on management skills: teamwork, communication, time management, conflict resolution, delegation.
  • Raise the leadership towards oneself and towards others.
  • To reduce resistance to change, to identify barriers.
  • To retain talent and generational change.
  • To deal with situations caused by mergers and purchases / sales.
  • To unite the teams in times of strategic changes. Uncertainty.
  • To facilitate the integration of new employees.
  • To present a product, advances in R + D, new procedures or work structures, balance sheets, review of quality standards…
  • And because it is friendly, pleasant and adaptable to all budgets and all levels in the organization.
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