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  • Using the paddle tennis courts requires wearing the right equipment and footwear.


  • The tracks reservations will be made by whatsapp (679 586 066) to the coach Marc Alba.
  • The track can not be canceled the same day of the reservation.

Conservation of the tracks:

  • Before entering the track, players should make sure they do not carry mud or dirt.
  • At the end of the game, players must remove the utensils and bottles they have used.

Not subscribers:

  • Non-subscribers, whether or not they play with subscribers, will be able to use the tracks as long as their payment has been previously made.

Not allowed:

  • Smoking inside the track.
  • Use inappropriate clothes or footwear.
  • Break fences or crystals.
  • Shout or bad talk.
  • Play without paying.
  • Play without a shirt
  • Enter the track if you are not go to play.
  • Eat inside the track.


Schedule: 7 morning until 00:00 at night.

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