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Beach sand fields rental


It is one of the few Beach sand fields that are in the region.

In addition, we offer you the opportunity to practice different sports:

Beach Handball, Beach Volleyball, Tennis or Paddle Beach.

As the most characteristic elements of this playing field we highlight the following points: it is neither smooth nor hard, therefore it totally modifies the way of practicing any activity and their modalities. The irregularities, unevenness and the ball bounces modify the way to make the passes, the controls, the jumps (often acrobatic), the sprints, the rhythm and the intensity.

Here you will find different activities to play in the sand field, it is time to put aside the routine. We hope to see you soon in the sand!

Information about the activities we offer:

Handbol Beach:

The most attractive part of this game is the field where is practiced, the sand track. The game is much more dynamic and entertaining as the game mode is much faster, the score has many variations and is more acrobatic than the traditional game.

The match takes place with two teams of 4 players each (three field players and the goalkeeper of each team).

Volei Beach:

Due to the great popularity of Volei Beach, Volei tournaments have increased in the Catalan sand fields. Mostly in summer, people who like the Beach Volei, are organized to spend a day practicing a very complete and funny sport.

If you have never played in an amateur tournament, sign up and you will have a spectacular day.

We organize matches and tournaments between teams of 2 to 6 participants,.

Beach Soccer:

We all know that the ball does not roll the same on grass, on parquet or on sand. We organize Beach Soccer matches between teams, as a tournament, friendly or amateur, on the sand field.

It can be a large field of 40 x 20 m, or two smaller fields of 20 x 10 m.

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