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Our professionals, integrated and coordinated by a sportive coach, a psychologist and a graduate in soccer, among others, apply the most current methodologies based on the practice and consolidation of the group and inter-personal communication, oriented to the improvement of the team.

We are all aware that, due to various factors, sometimes people go through a stage of demotivation and they need to change approaches that are probably no longer useful.

In Complex Júlia we also prepare playful and formative activities through paddle or mixed paddle, which encourage the identification between colleagues and the consciousness of the members, an effective option to strenghten the attitude and to re-establish enthusiasm.

The objective of reconciling playful and formative aspects introducing the practice of familiarization exercises with less known elements of the business culture is an important part of the activities we offer.

Benefits of the methodology

Our methodology promotes those learnings and experiences where team members are able to identify their strengths, to promote them and their qualities to enhance them, as well as those less developed to recognize them and be able to work.

it promotes a series of values through specific experiences aimed at strengthening each participant and improving their own performance, while at the same time they improve the team cooperation.

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